February’s Top Ten Most Critical

Here are the top ten most popular posts published in February (not to be confused with the Ten Most Critical page above, for the top ten most popular posts of all time, which are also updated for this month). Check them out if you haven’t already. Thao Nguyen – A Role Model of the Indie Music Variety makes its first appearance in the top ten of all time.

1. Meeting Strangers So Familiar: A diaCRITIC’s Dilemma over Selling the Faces of Viet Nam

2. A Must-Read Vietnamese-American Comic Book: A Review of VIETNAMERICA and Interview with Author GB Tran

3. A Têt Treat: lê thi diem thúy’s The Gangster We Are All Looking For is San Diego’s “One Book” for 2011

4. “G” is for Go-Gettter: The Making of a Vietnamese American Singer-Songwriter

5. Bringing BANANA 2 to You!: A diaCRITIC’s Report from the Second Annual Asian-American Bloggers Conference

6. Memory Is Another Country: Women of the Vietnamese Diaspora (A Review)

7. “It’s not the size that matters, it’s how you use it”: The Miniature Work of Diem Chau

8. Bẫy Rồng / Clash – A Review of the Action-Film Hit by Lee Ngo

9. Ocean Vuong’s ‘Burnings’ — A Review by Eric Nguyen

10. My Father’s Waterloo—Vietnam, Napoleon and Our Family Vacation

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