diaCRITICS needs help from photographers and photo editors

diaCRITICS is undergoing a major redesign. The redesign itself is almost done, but the problem is that the new website will require that each post have two images, and that these images be sized precisely. So we at diaCRITICS will need to go back to each of our nearly 200 posts and make those edits. This is beyond the skills and energy of the diaCRITICS editors!

The new diaCRITICS icon that will appear in all posts without their own original images, courtesy of the great DVAN designer VIet Le.

So we need some volunteers who know how to do digitally resize images (and have the software to do it) to help us get this redesign done in a timely fashion. If you know how to do this, please contact us via the contact us page. It would be great if we can finish the redesign by the end of the summer, and all volunteers will be acknowledged for their work.

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