Ten Most Critical

Here are the ten most critical posts of all time (that is, the posts with the most views), in order from first to tenth, updated monthly.

1. Singer Cathy Nguyen featured in New York Times

2. Democratic Kampuchea’s Genocide of the Cham

3. Ru, a novel by Kim Thuy

4. Review of Để Mai Tính (Fool for Love) Premiere

5. Bao Phi on a Decade of Asian Am Spoken Word – A personal history (and my favorite Asian Am recordings)

6.Để Mai Tính’s (Fool for Love) US premiere

7. Rap in Saigon: An Interview with Vietnamese Emcee Nah Nguyen

8. Thao Nguyen – A Role Model of the Indie Music Variety

9. Enforcing the Silence: On the Unsolved Murder of Lam Duong, Journalist

10. Luke Nguyen’s Viet Nam: Vietnamese Cuisine Goes Global

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